Aircraft parts need comprehensive inventory management given their high value.
Our automated inventory management solutions for the aviation industry are a great way to manage the spare parts, tools, and other components involved in maintaining aircraft throughout its lifespan for both civil and defense sectors.
  • Manage Rotables, Repairables, Expendables and Consumables
  • Advance tracking & traceability
  • On-site storage and inventory optimization
  • Low inventory holding cost and increased effciency
  • Reduced downtime and high control on your inventory
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Read our Case Studies
Aeroplane Hangar at SupplyPoint
Why manage your aircraft parts and inventory?
It is not unknown that aircraft inventory is a very high-value inventory both- in terms of costs and availability. Also, that aircraft maintenance has multiple specific requirements in terms of stock storage, stock-picking time, accuracy on stock availability and space efficiency. Especially, as even one spare part can be extremely expensive, it becomes principal to know the 'what, where, and when' about the stock so that there is a balance in availability and efficiency in stock management. Some benefits that SupplyPoint machines offer especially for the aircraft MRO inventory are:
  • 'First in First Out' shelving approach
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • Unique dispensing only after identification
  • Automated distribution, tracking and ordering process
  • Limits on item withdrawal can be configured
Lowering the overall cost and gaining a competitive edge in the aircraft parts inventory management

Case Studies

Aeroplane interior