Take Control of Access

Through its ability to track who is getting what items and for what purpose, SupplyPoint vending machines offer you SECURITY. Using our reporting software, you’ll have detailed knowledge of where your inventory is going whenever you need it.

Individual Control

SupplyPoint offers solutions that allow you to vend – and track – individual pieces to individual users with patented drawer technology.


VendTel software – a part of every SupplyPoint solution – lets you tailor access to individuals and groups on a per-item and per-bundle basis.


All SupplyPoint solutions are secured with high-strength materials as part of their construction. Users cannot access anything they shouldn’t.


Our flexible solutions can be engineered to your needs. You can secure items large and small, in greater or fewer quantities, to suit your operation.

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  • "Did you know that organisations can save between 25 - 40% by adding one of our intelligent inventory solutions? Intelligent inventory reduces walk-away times, increase productivity and helps to reduce cost.."

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